Dr. Marcus Raitner

Agile // Lead­er­ship // Coaching

Hi, I’m Mar­cus. I’m con­vinced that ele­phants can dance. And I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day the econ­o­my will serve peo­ple and life and not vice versa.

As agile coach, cor­po­rate rebel, cul­tur­al engi­neer, con­sul­tant, train­er and speak­er, I there­fore guide com­pa­nies on their jour­ney to more agili­ty and more human(e) liveliness.

Since 2010, I have been writ­ing on my blog about lead­er­ship, new work, agili­ty and many oth­er top­ics. In 2019, this result­ed in my first book with six the­ses on new lead­er­ship in the age of digitalization:

Manifesto for Human(e) Leadership

In a time in which it is “nor­mal that many things are dif­fer­ent and become dif­fer­ent faster and faster” (Karl-Heinz Geißler), the role of lead­er­ship is also at stake. Lead­er­ship is no longer a ques­tion of posi­tion, but a ques­tion of atti­tude. This atti­tude and the val­ues of new, agile, dig­i­tal and above all human(e) lead­er­ship are described in this book.

Grad­ual fab­ri­ca­tion of thoughts while writing. 

Since 2010.